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2003-03-20 03:47:30 (UTC)

War, Racism, and...Pilates

My boss, Bill, said today, "This war will be quick if the
politicians would just cut all of the's war,
civilians are going to die so just get over it." I was
like, uh? Would you say that if the civilian was your kid
or wife? I have an interesting perspective because I work
on and live by a military base so I get the soldiers' point
of view. For the most part I just hear about blowing this
person up and erradicating this...I don't know, I guess I'm
just too into the peace thing because I don't think
anything good is going to come from war. Especially when,
in the process, we're alienating ourselves from other
powerful influential nations. I keep reading about how this
country thinks Americans are arrogant and blah blah blah
and it just sucks because we're not (well, not all of us
anyway). I definitely wasn't a Bush fan before all this and
now the man just needs to go. I gave him some credit for
how he handled 9/11 but now I'm just embarassed that he's
our president and when other countries think of America
they think of him and automatically think we're all like
him. I haven't really payed much attention to all of the
situations leading up to today's ultimatum but I stand with
the reasoning that war just isn't the answer. It's weird
because every politician, president, and leader wants peace
and speaks of one day attaining some state of that and yet
they do the exact opposite to try and reach it. History
should tell them that all they're doing is feeding into a
cycle of violence that isn't going to stop just because you
killed or overthrew one dictator. Another will come along a
little later and then we'll just keep doing it over and
over again. All these ivy league educated people running
the country and all of these wise and intelligent advisors
aiding the president and none of them can up with a better
approach then bombing the hell out of the enemy?

Anywho, today's been a very dull day. I'm working longer
hours this and next week and I'm just not adjusting very
well. This is the easiest, most boring job I've ever had
and I love it but my god....there's nothing to do for
freakin' 9hrs! AAAaaggghhh! I did have some interesting
conversations with Rick and Jennifer today though. She was
telling me about growing up mixed (she's korean and white)
and how she had a hard time adjusting when she left Italy
and came back to the states. It's pathetic that people make
such a big deal out of someone being different. There's a
difference between being serial killer different and just
looking different and coming from a different culture. I
would imagine that a lot of European nations would be
pretty jaded when it comes to other cultures because Europe
has so many different countries but here we just have
Canada, which is basically another United States, and
Mexico. But anyways, I felt bad for her. She said when she
was like 12yrs old, she would be in the store with her
mother and people would just call her mother all kind of
racial slurs and say how greedy asians were and blah
blah...those kind of people are just wastes of human
beings. They're just taking up space.

Now on to a lighter topic....I'm really loving the whole
yoga/pilates thing. It kinda started as me just doing it
off and on. One week I'll be all in it and then I won't do
it for like 2weeks but pretty much all this month in the
morning I've been doing my exercises and I've seen some
improvements. I'm getting uber flexible now and I can
almost do the splits....actually if I were to try them
again tonight I could probably do them. My muscle tone is
really showing through, especially my abs! I just need to
stay on the treadmill a little longer and I'll be sporting
a six pack by summer! I used to have a problem with lower
back pain too, especially since I sit on my ass practically
all day at work, but not anymore. It's become my ritual, if
I don't stretch and do some v-sits I feel...just wrong,
like I've cheated myself.

Well, I'm starving like marvin and there's a tuna bagel
sandwich with my name on it so I'm going to go inhale it.