chronicles for the clinicly insane
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2003-03-20 01:40:24 (UTC)

The other day in a Canadian..

The other day in a Canadian fish market, a middle aged
equadorian fish merchant noticed something rather odd.
One of the fresh fish in a storage tank was speaking.
Thinking that it was the work of some devil or demonic
incantation, the startled individual then ran to his
superior, an older jewish man. When they arrived the
manager soon realized that the fish was squaking in a
remarkebly clear hebrew, so the old man began to
translate. Needless to say the fish was muttering some
apocalyptic mumbo jumbo about kitties and butterflies and
death and destruction and John Denver and so forth. This
so shocked the old man that he suffered a sever heart
attack and is now in critical condition in a local
hospital. It was said by witnesses that upon his return,
the somewhat shaky equadorian then killed, cleaned, and
filetted the verbose sealife and sold him readily to the

Now I hope for god's ever lovin ass that this story is
either completely untrue or at least greatly emphatuated.
If not then every last drop, ever microscopic strain of my
faith in humanity has finally been wretched from my body.
That would tend to explain the freeing yet all too hollow
sensation I feel in my left index fingers second knuckle
(sense that is where I stored my already lacking supply
of "faith" in our so-called civilization)

I am prepared to speak no further on this matter until
events warrant, so until then
yours in trust and through storm

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