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2003-03-20 00:58:28 (UTC)

Something to Consider and More

When John and I were at the vet's yesterday we began
talking about getting another dog. This would be a very
different kind of dog from Shep. Shep was an active dog,
an outside dog, a boys' dog. If we got another dog, it
would be a laid-back kind of dog, a house dog, a companion
for me. We'll have to think about it some more.
Owen e-mailed to tell me he's done with finals so I e-
mailed Gavin to ask him when he'd be done. He just called
to tell me his last final was Friday afternoon so he won't
be ready to leave until 2:30 p.m. I asked him to call Owen
to let him know and, unless I heard different, I'd pick
them both up at 2:30 on Friday. I'll also go to the
library and pick up my books that are on reserve. I'm
running out of books to read.
The rain is back and is predicted to stay through the week-
end, usual for Spring Break. It always rains that week.
I'm hoping there will be at least one good day to mow the
lawns and do some yardwork while the boys and John are
home. John is working an extra day-shift on Friday but
then he's on vacation next week too so everyone will be
I've won some quilt books and patterns on Ebay which I'm
waiting to receive in the mail. I hope they come soon. I
want to get back to work on the Patek wall hanging top,
Liberty Eagle too. This was a kit I ordered through her
website. You can see it at:
It's the third quilt picture down. I probably won't order
the kit for Liberty Houses as I think I can probably make a
pretty good copy of the quilt with my own fabrics.

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