It smells like poop over here
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2003-03-20 00:52:10 (UTC)

something isn't right in this world of confusion

you gave it all away, before you could use it" i felt like
a lil emo from juliana theory. im not sure if it's
depressing, or just good music...it's just good music.
it's like 7:30 and my mom isnt' home. i don't think
i've been home at this hour when she isn't here in over a
year. course, im generally not home at all. i try to stay
outta this place, i don't know why. i don't "hate" my mom
or anything, i just like to be with my friends. that and i
usually work till 10 now. i got off tonight at 7, so i
figured id come home and clean up my room n shit. plus we
made a drunken mess in the kitchen on monday that i have to
clean up.
j wants to get a house or an apartment. i don't know
about that. i mean, i know if i had my own place, i'd
actually be there every once in a while, but i live here
for free. i come and go as i please and i eat for
free...even thought i mostly eat out anyway....that sounds
im done, im gonna take a nap or something.


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