REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-03-20 00:39:18 (UTC)


ally bajor is the coolest!! shes my bitch:):):)shes really
cool. ANYWAY! today we batted in softball tryouts..i
think i did good. but it doesnt matter wtf i think it
matters wat mrs korz thinks!! she kept saying nice
swing...and after i wa done shes like nice job reeda im
like ok...i hope im gonna make it! After that i stayed to
help mrs korz with the second half of tryouts.

Well in school..lesse!!!! i got a 40 in mrs nortans class
so pretty much..IM DOIN BAD...hmmm im probobly doing bad
in math to..yeah i suck in school i hate school. in a way
i guess. this is the worst ive ever done b4. i gotta start
improvin lol. UGHHHH i just got straight a's last markin
period...now im like faling social studies..and im gettin
like a c in math wtf...i hat ehtis

to top it all off...when i was comming home from softball
rpactice, i tooke off my shoe in the car cause there was
something in it like a rock or w/.e, so i opened the
window, turned my shoe upside down to like shake out that
rock or w/e it was...and i droppd my shoe...i screamed
sooooooooo loud LOL thenw e had to stop the car and i had
to run back and get it and a car ALMOST ran over it, and
some kid on his bike almost fell over it to it was
funny..but im reall really scared bout my grades. HELP ME
GOD DAMMIT! lol...i really need it