ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-19 23:59:12 (UTC)


What a day. Just about all of it was spent in a wonderful
recording studio at SCETV. Great stuff there. Hah after
the choir finally finished filming 'Even When God is
Silent' we found out that some nitwit didn't bring in
enough lunch bags. The good thing out of it--we ended up
going to the mall. I bought lunch for both Nate and
Forrest because I'm just so damn kindhearted. Eeesh the
ride back to Greenville was abosolutely HORRIBLE. I only
got about 2 and a half hours of sleep last night due to
the fact that I'm prolly an insomniac but I was also
scared I would oversleep. So instead I didn't get ENOUGH
sleep. On the way back I decided to immerse myself into my
own world via my CD player with the volume on full blast
(sort of). It worked for a while...then the dipshit ppl I
go to school with decided to start screaming on the bus.
STUPID FUCKING DIPSHITS. So I'm cranky right now and I'm
bored. Can't find Diexia to get help on chem and I'm
having to use AOL cuz of the stupid rain messing up the
LAN connection in the dorm. I hate rain. I was to kick
every single person who screamed on the way back. That and
Shontae frickin' squished me into the window. So my ass is
numb, I can't feel my feet and my legs are all sticky-
feeling from having to run to the bus cuz it was raining
like all hell when we left the mall.

Adam still hasn't called me. I IMed him earlier and he
didn't answer me. Ugh. Well, I guess I'm not gonna see or
talk to him until I come back from Spring Break....if
that's the way he wants it. I think he's been a little
annoyed w/ me. Oh well. Prolly just proves that he's not
the one. We'll most likely stay friends. Eeeehh. Must find
Diexia....must finish stupidhead lab.....zZzZzZzZzZ