No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-03-19 22:52:45 (UTC)

Change in Plans

Hey! Change in plans...
I set the table (mom called...said she was coming home with
pizza) and I'm just not gunna say anything and act really
mad...wait, isn't an act cuz I really am mad at
my "mom" she goes to church and wont forgive...hmmm...I
just thought of that. Makes all of NO sence to me.
Well, at any rate, I just wanted to inform you of
that...maybe it'll work? Maybe not. I hear she had a GREAT
day at maybe? Yeah, whatever. She's a
bitch...she'll never learn to forgive and never let me be
As always, I'll update later if I can...considering this is
the ONLY way Terry knows what's going on...I still dont
have my phone back...bullshit...pure bullshit...does
sherealize we aren't breaking up? Even with all these ways
she's trying to break us up. WE LOVE EACHOTHER. Public
announcement to the world! Not that anyone didn't know.
I love you very much Terry. You're right...we WILL get
through way...or another.