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2003-03-19 22:47:12 (UTC)


I am confused. About religion. As in, do I want to have
one? Right now, I profess to be an atheist, but am I
really? There's this part of me that really wants to
believe in a god like I used to, to be so filled with faith
and awe. Maybe I'm just too cynical. And maybe part of that
is our president's fault.

I mean seriously, the man takes the writings of Jesus in
the New Testament of the Bible, and throws them out the
window, all the while professing to be a "good Christian"
on a "mission from God to destroy evil". Hellooooo? Jesus
preached PEACE. Lay down thy sword and all that good shit.
say indict Saddam for war crimes. Tis be much better than a
costly war.

Back to religion. There are so many KINDS! There's your
monotheistic ones, Christianity being the most common, but
what else is there? Buddhism, Islam (not very popular in
the US I'm told, even though it's the fastest growing
religion in the world), Judaism (whoops missed my Bat
Mitzvah..nevermind) Satanism, Deism (not really a religion,
you believe in god on your own terms without a bind to a
religion) and SOOO many others.
And then you have your polytheistic or "pagan" religions,
like Wicca, Druidism, Hinduism (what's a Hindu? Lay eggs
:-P) and again: SOOO many others. I wouldn't know where to
begin. A couple of years ago I went on this soul searching
expedition (this is when I became an atheist). I went from
Christian (Presbyterian to be exact) to Agnostic to Deistic
to Atheist to Wiccan to atheist to Hindu back to Atheist
again. I've just kinda stuck with Atheism. Yeah. Soul
searching time again? Shmaybe. I dunno. BLAH!


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