Mind numbing thoughts...
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2003-03-19 22:38:38 (UTC)

hello again

well i really haven't written for a long time cuz i guess
when things go well in my life, i really don't feel the
need to express myself as much (plus i kinda forgot i had
this). anyways umm ya alot has happened lately, my friend
got another coop placement which she really likes even tho
it might not help her career the way she wanted the other
one too, and the guy i liked asked me out. I'm still trying
to get back on track at skool and i will there is still
time before midterms and well i'm just alot happier. My
march break was a blast. oh man my friend has the
best parties and i got to see my bf, cept for the end when
i had the stomach flu but oh well i got an extra day off. I
was really scared for my friend a little while back. She
told me she tried to commit suicide and when i asked her if
she'd ever try it again, she replied that she wasn't sure,
but shes told her parents and is now seeing the social
worker at school and was really giddy today so i think
she'll be okay. it really shocked me when she told me i
guess i kno how my friends felt when i told them i tried, i
dunno, i guess you never kno until you've experienced it
like with all things in life. Its so nice outside rite now,
i can't wait untill summer :) its going to be great, i'm
planning on going to ozzfest and going camping with my
friends i can hardly wait. i'm am a little scared tho about
this up and coming war its just like is it really
necessary? some people say yes and some say no im not that
educated on the issue just cuz the news depresses me, but i
just hope that my friends and family are safe. i'm gonna go
and eat now. later oh and if you haven't go and see Chicago
its the best movie!

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