listen to my silences
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2003-03-19 21:49:46 (UTC)

not so pissed today

yesterday was a very stressful day. check, extremely
stressful. i slept in, which was nice. sara and i went to
have lunch in union. i got vanilla pudding and a fruit
parfait. normally the parfait is really good. this time
it tasted HORRID. seriously. i took only one bite and
threw it away. the pudding was good, but i didn't eat
anything else. then i had to go find somewhere to get my
wipers fixed. i drove around till i finally found a
mechanic and sat there for about forever. duane called
needing to talk about a situation, so he came to the
mechanic place too. woo hoo that was fun. riiiggghhht. i
hate being dragged into things. anyways so i found out
it's going to cost three hundred and eighteen dollars to
get them fixed. then as i was leaving the shop it started
raining. i started yelling. it sucked majorly. so then
when i got back here i was going to do my homework but i
was too stressed out, so i scrapbooked, err, sorry jon,
memory booked. lol. i did that for a total of five hours
yesterday. i was still stressed out when jonathon called.
the conversation helped a lot. seriously. there was a
scary thing that happened to me while we were talking. i
think i'm okay though.

k so onto why i'm not so pissed. it's about time, i know.
so today i go to classes. i get up and it's pouring. so
at this moment i'm pissed. i go to wc and it's boring as
always. i found out i got a b plus on the midterm. you
know, the one i slept through. so that was good. then i
had to walk through the pouring rain to go to math. and it
as always was fun. i have a ninety eight point three three
percent in there. woo hoo! then when i left there the sun
was shining. it was great. it still is. so then i had
theatre, and there was no test. we didn't do much in
polysci either. then rel was cancelled. it was great. i
just looked online to get my grades, and i am doing better
than i thought in rel. i have a b plus. woo hoo! and an
a in everything else. except maybe hkss. i don't know
about it yet. i'm pretty sure it's an a though.

so then i go to get the damage from being sideswiped in
december estimated, and i find out that it's more than the
car is worth. so i'm probably going to get a new car.
again, i know. but the main reason i'm excited about that
is that i wouldn't have to pay to get my wipers fixed.
which would be sweet, cause then i can pay dad back for my
insurance now instead of later. yay!

k well i think i'm going to go blade now. it's such a
beautiful day!

final thought: in your eyes i see the darkness that
torments you and in your head where it dwells, i'd give you
my hand if you'd reach out and grab it let's walk away from
this hell