murder doll

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2003-03-19 21:36:14 (UTC)

wahooness and a stuffy nose

yep. me nose is runny. BUT ME BOYFRIEND IS GOING TO GET HIS
LICENSE SOON! wahooo, wahooo...ceeeelebrate goood times
COME ON!!!! yeah...I'm kinda happy bout that.

Also, my grades make me happy. In Science, I was told to
maintain at least a C to get into Track I next year, and I
have a 90!!!!!!!! YEEAAAHHH!!! (for those of y'all who
don't know, a 90 is a B) And I gots a 92 in Social Studies,
and Dr. K (me teacher) is a tough grader. so
happy. Yetzel. yep. Yetzel.

Peachily and boogie nights,