What the HELL happened?
2003-03-19 21:17:59 (UTC)

Nothing much

Gosh,it has been a long time since I last wrote. Alot of
things have happened since I wrote. I am now back at SLOHS,
and Jenny is going to community. Let´s start with what
first happened. I came back and ditched alot of my classes
to chill with jenny. I didn´t think it would matter since I
wasn´t getting credit for the trimester anyway. I got
suspended with jenny for buying a can of alpo dog food. I
just bought it with osgoods money, so I didn´t think it
would matter. Anyway, the only reason I got suspended was
because the school oficials are out to get me. They assumed
that our intensions were to throw the dog food onto susan.
NO. But it sure was a funny ass joke. I had only been at
school for 4 days and i got suspended. I guess it is cool
to brag about. Let´s see alot of fun and wierd things
happened right when I came back. i´ll right more later.