2003-03-19 20:10:39 (UTC)


and at least ive got the sense to sense whats coming
and realise that good things never come to those who wait
too long..
because everything ive ever done ive done because i love
im afraid i'll spend the better part of next year
scared that i might need you

im in gainesville... its a nice town... im pretty sure i
cant do it.. i would love to, maybe if there werent SO
many things.. the money, the possibility of dad dying
soon, matt of course, being so far away from HOME.. i
dont know. i know i have to do it sometime. but. its
scary. i dont know im on and off... one minute im like
YES it would be GREAT i have to... then im like no fucking
way man. i cant do that.
the saddest thing is that i can tell he doesnt want me to
and i can tell he misses me already. but he'll never
fucking say so. and i think its so sad.

cus if he were to fall off the earth, im pretty sure i
COULD do it. there would still be shit in the way but i
could do it. and if he were to say, adrienne dont go. i
wouldnt fucking give it another thought. so thats the sad
fucking thing.

anyway. im going to take a nap til alli gets back.