Anrui Kurayami

Kurayami's Tears
2003-03-19 19:39:21 (UTC)

Can You Keep a Secret?

Okay, yes. I name *all* my recent entries after Japanese
songs. So sue me.

My mum is really mad with me! She found out about my yaoi
stories. I've already been in trouble, when i was twelve
(half a year ago, thereabouts) for these stories! I printed
one out that time. My mum found it.... and was *not*
pleased. Ooops!

This time, she found one of my files on the computer! It
was a PWP [Porn Without a Plot]!!! Oops... she said i've
got to get rid of it, but I've saved some to a floppy disk.
Anrui Kurayami doesn't give up too easily!!! I'm still

My corporal did read my fiction [on] and
said it was really good! ^ ^ I'm happy!

Annual Inspection Day for the CCF [Combined Cadet Forces]
is 17th May, I think. That means turning out, in uniform,
early on a Saturday morning. Oh no..... ^^;;

I passed my gun test, 12/14. I got the most obvious
question wrong though... oh well.

In Biology today, they cut up a sheeps heart. i know I
wouldn't have been able to get through with being sick and
having heart pain [don't ask, I'll tell you in a minute!]
before two seconds were up! It sounded disgusting, and more
than a few people joined me outside before the hearts were
fully dissected. Even boys!

Right, I'll explain the 'heart pain' thing. I happen to be
really empathetic with pain [no, not PATHETIC, empathetic,
which means I'm really in tune with other people and can
put myself in their place without any trouble], and when i
hear about/see/imagine someone or something in pain, I feel
it too! So i'd have felt like my heart was being cut up!
That would not have been a great way to spend a lesson! it
was bad enough with all the people feeling sick! It made me
feel sick too!

Right, enough with the moaning about empathy. Or I *do*
sound pathetic.

Today in school, my little 'gang' of girls [who all hang
round together in school] had a 'debate' about gay people.
the tolerant people won, but there are at least three
homophobes in our group. :( Bad news for me...

Okay, I was never gonna admit this, but i might as well. I
am bisexual, and I fancy one of my best mates. I'm closer
to in love with her actually.

^^;; Heart spilling confessions over with, I wanna have a
good moan about Paul [ex-boyfriend].

1. He kisses *worse* than a washing machine, so i duno what
he's going on about me for!

2. He has split me and Cat up.

3. He has hurt Cat numerous times, the bastard.

4. He told Suiren he fancied her, even though she is
perfectly happy with her boyfriend, who is also part of
the group. So they might be having troubles!

5. He has split me and Suiren up a bit.

Basically, he is splitting us all up. I think he is a prat,
and my mum [who hasn't fallen out with me, is just
dissapointed] agrees.

I have entered a story [perfectly innocent, maybe PG
highest rating!] I wrote in English into a competition.
everyone says I will win. Hope so too!

Anyway, Mata ne!
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxox

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havoc, shadows, apocalypse, demented

^^;; Buh bye!!!