Watch me lose it...
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2003-03-19 18:55:52 (UTC)


Listening to : Alanis Morrisette - Forgiven

I tried to phone Alison four times. To be honest I don't
really want to deal with her but I thought I better do cos
I'll only have to deal with her later on. She was engaged
twice in the afternoon and twice I got her voice mail in the
morning. I sent her an email before telling her this. Along
with "I will try again tommorrow." I might not. I might just
The people at Halfords said they couldn't find a fault with
my car. It was silent pretty much driving it home so maybe
by reseating the wheels it dislodged something that was
stuck somewhere. They didn't charge me either. I think they
gave me good service there. I'll definately take it in there
for its service at 29,000 miles. Rather there than renault.
They'd just wrip me off. All the mechanics at Halfords up
there are supposed to be AA qualified anyway, so it all
looks good.
Time will tell if the fix is permenant.
Been some minor battle with Gary today. But nothing to bad.
Told him I spoke to Paul, who told me that "straight guys
have homosexual banter because they want to show each other
affection." Dunno about that. I'm coming to an acceptance of
Gary to an extent.
Katie is unbelievable. Yesterday she told Gary at 11am "I'm
going home at 3 to look after hubby because hes got
labyrinthitus.I'll just take it off my holiday time."
To me, that doesnt seem right for two reasons. Holiday has
to be granted and organised. Secondly, if I was to try the
same trick "I'm going home at 3 today ok?" I'd get a big fat
Today she went for "lunch" at 1:45...and didnt return till
around 3:30. Shes just blagging whatever she can get. Shes
so lazy its untrue. All she does all day is plan holiday
time and where shes going..what time she can get off. I
think we should let her go. But that will never happen I know.
Apparently theres a meeting on friday about Ian and
restructuring etc. That'll be fun.
Still, its wednesday and I feel reasonably ok and confident
at the moment, just a little tired. We'll see...

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