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2003-03-19 14:57:54 (UTC)

Life just keeps getting better

Ok i have some news, none of them bad, just well you'll see.
Sunday I got someone on faceparty asking if I wanted to
meet and "have some fun". At first I thought about it and I
was like no way, but my instincts was telling me to go for
it. We were suppose to "do it" that day but then I heard
that my mum was coming home soon, so I didn't chance it. I
think we're going to try again this Sunday, tell you how it
Last night I was on faceparty, checking out my messages and
there were 2 new ones, one was from some girl from Finland
and lo and behold...Brinks.
His message went :Hmm you look familiar, have we met ;D.
I messaged him back on AIM, and started talking about
things. It has been around 2 months since I last
communicated with him, nice to know that he is really
enjoying his life and in a sense so am I. Its weird,
whatever hes feeling I'm feeling the same, as long as we
just talk and nothing else, we'll be ok ^_^.
Lastly but most importantly, I was on the comp and then I
said to my dad that I don't want kids and I don't think I
will ever have a girlfriend. He then asked are you gay-...
(moment of rushes) and I replied what if i was.
He then said that it isn't natural or was you born gay, but
if you were you're still my kid and I'll still care for
you. That made me so happy, I knew that my dad would be ok
with it and it just upped my relationship with my dad. I
didn't fully come out to my dad but I swear that if he
hasn't got a strong inkling by now he must be the most
retarded man in the universe. So alot more relieved, I know
that my dad is 100% ok with and he will always treat me
good and that i'll always luff him ^_^. So on the up and
really good in my life, also the weather has been really
nice in London. See you later, bye!