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2003-03-19 13:49:14 (UTC)


Im not sure what is going on right now. Misty's cousin Sam
really likes me...I dont really want to get into a serious
relationship right now...but I like her and she likes me..I
dont know if its because it's mistys cousin and I dont want
misty to get mad, or if I still miss misty as a friend. Its
not fair that just because Alex is ignorant, he doesnt let
her talk to me..he doesnt let her be friends with me...he's
afraid..I think he is afraid Im gonna take misty..All I
wanted was to be friends with her...He doesnt understand
that it is possible...He also doesnt understand how misty
could have loved everyone she dated and him..well....sorry
to break it to you mr alex...but you need to grow up and
realize that you are not everything and if you dont smarten
up misty will leave you. . . she doesnt deserve the shit
you put her through and its not fair to her or any of her
friends.. You ruined her future and youre really not even a
part of it right now...she loves your mom more than she
loves you...but...its not my fault if you get hurt...she
said she would call when you two broke up and let me know
that she can talk to me...
back to sam...I love her to pieces, but I just want to take
it slow and show her what love her what a real
friendship is...I guess she's my will treat
her like my babe..
Im out like a fat kid in a baseball game....have a great

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