Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
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2003-03-19 13:22:23 (UTC)


I'm afraid. In this new era of time, the young generation
has never really experienced war. Only heard in stories
what his or her grandfather has told him or her about the
war, or their experience in war...
I'm afraid what will happen. A war in this millenium is
something new to think about for young people. A war that
could change or destroy lives easily. I don't want anything
to happen to everyone I love. I fear that bad times may
come because of the events about to happen. Or have
happened. Things may get worst than it already is. I can't
stop thinking what may or could happen in the future. Will
there be a future for me and my family and my friends? Will
I live a long life and die old? Would I be able to do
things I wanna do?
It seems hopeless to dwell on this things, but I'm starting
to wonder what my life would be like if things got bad. The
thought of losing everything is impossible. I feel the heat
of tears coming to eyes as I think about these things. My
family... my friends... my life...
Terrible times are approaching that the road to our future
seems unclear... Why is this happening now? Why has the war
come in the new millenium? It's a new beginning that should
be appreciated as the future approaches... War only brings
sorrow... fear... death.
I fear death and I can't imagine how it would be like. I
wonder sometimes if we really do go somewhere... safe and
peaceful. A place where our sins are cleansed from us...
No offence, but I can't think of heaven as a place where
sins are forgiven. So many people have too many sins, and I
don't know how he or she would live in the afterlife. I
read that once a person dies, the spirit or soul goes in
the Afterlife where, after a while, we are reborn into a
new body with no memory of the previous life. Only the life
experiences stays with us... I hope nothing gets worse...