Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-19 13:18:16 (UTC)

Kicking Squeeling Gucci Little Piggy

There is no special reason for the name of this entry.. I
just reckon that it's very cool. The name comes from the
lyrics to Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" One of my all time
favourite songs. Today was a very nice day at Uni. Actually
the weather was great today. I went and sat in the
Botanical Gardens to have my lunch. The weather was close
to what I would call perfect. A bird almost flew into my
head while I was watching the clouds... such a pleasant
moment. Today in my Creative Writing Lecture they had the
author of the novel that I have just read (The
Resurrectionists) come in for about half of the lecture to
discuss her works and her novel and also to discuss Gothic
Literature.. she was really cool.. quite a quirky person I
thought, she's really a goth herself actually. It is a very
amazing experience to meet the author of a novel that you
have read... It's very similar in a sense to seeing live
music. When you a see a band that you already have heard
before perform live, it's a very amazing thing.. because
prior to that experience the only time you have known that
music was when it existed only in your ears.. in your mind.
Seeing it duplicated in a live performance is quite an
intangibly describable experience..very uniqe. Well meeting
an author of a book that you have read is much the same.
You have read the book... and to you, the story exists only
inside of your head... you have created faces for the
characters... you have formed an idea of the surroundings
of which they live in... you, personally have contributed
largely towards the success of the story. Meeting the
author is strange, much like when you experience live music
from a band, you have that spiritual connection with
them... feeling like you already know who they are through
their work. It's quite spiritual really.. the author has
created a story inside of their mind.. put that story to
paper.. you have read it and in doing so you alow for the
same story to be created inside of your head as well..
meeting the person who is resposible for the emotive
thoughts in your mind is quite an indefinable thing.. I was
really tempted to ask her to sign my book... I had a copy
from the library, but I thought that it would be really
cool if when I returned I could tell them that I got the
author to sign it too... yeah that would be funny..damn I
should have got her to sign it..oh well... I borrowed
out "all quiet on the western front" (the 1930s version)
from my University library.. I'm gonna go watch it