My Gay Misadventures
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2003-03-19 09:11:34 (UTC)

Slumber Party.

Well...I hadnt logged anything lately, because life was
being boreing, and i didnt feel like writeing "Woke up.
Ate. watched Tv. Showered. Went to bed."...Last night
however...was very worth logging....

Dinky threw a Slumber Party in honor of their guest who
came down from...um...someplace (I done forgot), and oddly
enough...I knew, but wish I didnt know all who
attended...There was the usal, Dinky-J-Chuck trio of
course. I arrived with Eve, and Paul. And two guys were
there, that made the night a living hell. Miguel (his story
is in the Log without the title) and Eric Philip...Some
whore who played a small small role in my breakup with
Hesse. also Dinky's cousin Maggie was there, as was 2 other
lesbians...After we spent the evening chattin and eating
Vegan food (BLEGH!) we winded down and played Truth or
Dare...(here's where things get interesting)...Rather then
type the story...which would take forever...Ima just name
the person, and some of the main things they were dared...

Miguel: FIRST DARE- it all started when some dared him to
eat this big peice of Vegan cake...doesnt sound bad...but
its a start- MOONLIGHT WALK- He had to Strip nude and walk
into the street and back. even funnier, their dog busted
loose and chased the fag around, lol. -RABIES- Put vinager
and bakein soda in his mouth, foam, and scare someone who
was asleep.

Eve: -PUCKER UP- This bitch got off real easy. Only one
thing stood out that she did. She had to kiss Dinky. heh,
her first girl kiss

Dinky: -TITS- Had to cover her tit in ice cream...the ice
cream didnt hold well...*shivers*

J: -SLOBBER- This involved me. He had to lick off peanut
butter from my lips (eh, not really dareing) -LAP DANCE-
speaks for itself. he gave everyone a lap dance.

Chuck: -SUCKY- Had to give a BJ to a banana. she did pretty
good for a dyke. -PUCKER UP2- Had to kiss Eric (lasted a
split second..the fag pussied out)

Eric: -JUST EW- Had to lick Miguels ass (i had it worse
later) -PUCKER UP3- had to make-out with Miguel for a min.
ha! -TASTY?- I made the bitch drink vinager. HA! -SNIP- Had
a chunk of hair cut out, HA HA HIPPY!

But I, belive had the worse, and most....

Muah, Ryki: -YOU SUCK ASS- I had to give Miguel a hickey on
his ass...*tear* -PLUCKER UP4- Had to kiss Eric for 30
seconds...-EAT OUT- Had to walk around with some lesbo's
thighs around my neck...sounds hard...but feels worse. -SAY
HI- Had to show my dick to Dinky...the only chick who has
ever seen my dick -LICK- not too bad, just had to suck J's
Nipple for a bit.. -HAND FROM HELL- by far the worse (next
to kissing Eric) was give Miguel a hand job for 30
seconds...god...im just glad he wasnt hard...*Vomits*

We finaly go to bed around 5:30am. The next day Eve and I
were taken home around 5:30pm...Eric and J had to ride in
the trunk...cant fit everyones fat ass in the seats ya know.

I get home. Jerk off. and go to bed...Then I get real, REAL
evil...like it didnt matter who talked to me, or what they
said..I Felt so Violent toward them. I felt like beatin
down everyone...it was weird...kinnda creepy too...anyway.
yeah. thats my day. but it aint over yet. (their Guest's
going away party is Thursday...(2morrow)

Oh!...also, the KKK are coming to town on Sunday. Everyone
wants to harrass them, so i'll be sure and log how that day

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