All About Love
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2003-03-19 07:28:05 (UTC)

The poudly graduate certificate card from His Mejestic Ubonrath.

Just thinking about 3 years ago. I was a student in
Siam Business Administration College, Bangkok, Thailand. I
always waiting for This time so long. The time that I will
stand face to face with His Mejestic Ubonrath(The Daughter
of the king of thailand). Everyone in my hometown saids,
i'll never past it anymore. but i did.
But this time, is the last time that all my friends
will stay together with me. Everyone has their way to go.
Some of them go studying same as me. But some of them go
working. Some of them go marrying. And each other. But i
guess our relationship will never last. I'll never forget
when we all togerther. Never forget how much of love. I
love you all, Nicky, Meeny, Por, Sah, Kae. We are friends
forever. :) Love never end. Love never fail.