Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-03-19 07:07:29 (UTC)

Poem - "The Taste of Betrayal"

Goodnight sweet prince, goodnight at last,
Your drawn-out life has finally passed,
As you cast aside your earthly shell,
I bid you one final forlorn farewell.
Try as it might, one will never abate
The sorrow your absence has begun to create,
You’ve left a void that can never be filled
And a glorious legacy that can never be killed.
Only a day has it been since your death,
Since you knowingly coughed your very last breath,
A cup of sorrow comes twice as fast,
Bitter and sad, yet sweet to the last.
I remember the sight of the puddle of tears
That marked the last of your illustrious years,
With the dirt on the floor they mingled and mixed,
From a leak we both knew could never be fixed.
Already another now stands in your place,
A mechanical miracle of the cold human race
That would sacrifice character, beauty and grace
For modern invention without a soul or a face.
Already the taste of betrayal lingers
On the back of my tongue and the tips of my fingers,
To look down and forgive me I hope you will try
From your beige and brown palace way up in the sky.

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