Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-03-19 06:59:54 (UTC)

in the company of solitude

have you ever wondered what would happen
if for one reason or another, you simply packed
up everything and left?

wondered this i have, and just wished my dreams
would come true, without me trying, but alas
i am bound by the chains of responsibility, among
others of course...

so, it seems i have something to offer. not sure who
or what, but it is out there no matter how intangible it
is, nor what it really means to me

i suppose that in retrospect, i could have, maybe
walked a different path than the one i have chosen

actually, thats the funny thing. i have chosen..

but what the fuck does it mean to choose? it's not
like destiny is anything more than just flittering of
the wrist of fate when one becomes bound by
whatever, whichever little thing happens along

i want to, no i really don't want to stay here in this
city, but it seems everytime i try to leave something
gets in the way.

and i'll be damned if i can't or won't ever find out where
or what i have done wrong, or doing? perhaps?
i am not so sure it really matters...

i think i may just be babbling here now... where was i
going with this? fucked if i know...

i have don't go to work tomorrow, thankfully...

if nothing else, i think that i am doing the right thing

i am working towards my goals

i may get the grrl even, the very intriguing shannah
who knows perhaps i may yet hear the dulcet tones
of her voice, rather than her elequent written word

who knows

one can do naught else, but wait and see