Meshed Up
2003-03-19 05:15:22 (UTC)

death and lucifer

i wanna die.

yes. i want to die.

not because i have an unbearable problem or because i'm
sick of life, but because i feel that, in death, i will
come to realize many things. perhaps everything will become
clear to me once i step over the fine line of life and
death. to is the final awakening.

and where will i be after that? god knows. i do not have to
be anywhere. i just have to be. attain nirvana. to exist in
a state of nothingness and everythingness at the same time.
to be one with god. to want to be like god.

i am not a heretic. i do not see anything wrong with
aspiring to be like god. i don't understand why lucifer was
cast down because he shook the heavens. there is nothing
wrong with shaking the heavens.

the story of lucifer was after all, based on a greek
tradition. i wonder why christians took this story and
believed it to be true. biblical even. the story is so
obviously pagan.

do not christians condemn the pagans? then why must they
take a story with pagan origins and use it as a story that
is part of christianity?

christians. are they opportunist pigs?

nobody could even tell me where the story of lucifer came
from...until i told them. it is a legend. an ancient
tradition whom nobody i know can verify as true. or false.

god's creations are not flawed. to say that they are is to
question god himself. humans were made sinful for a reason.
lucifer was made for a reason.

man has done lucifer a great injustice. but lucifer has
done god a greater injustice.