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2003-03-19 05:10:51 (UTC)

a great couple of days

well, it had been a week since i talked to rex. i was a
little pissed, but i figured to just wait it out. i went
over there last week, but he was so drunk that he didn't
even remember me being there. i called him wed., but he
called back and asked for my friend. i was very upset.

sunday i was in a very bad mood (and had been). it was
1:30 in the morning when my phone rang. i figured it was
for chris. rena (my friend)tells me to come in the room.
it was rex. i was soooooooo happy. he asked me to come
over to get fucked up with him. i went of course. i
stayed the night. we just cuddled, it was nice. i went
home. i called him again the next day, he wasn't home, so
he called me back when he got there. i went over there
again. this was last night. we did whippits and drank a
bottle of jack. then we had the best sex that i have had
in a very long time. everything is okay now. im in love
and have never been so happy. i really glad things are
finally working out.

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