sheesh ya fuck
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2003-03-19 02:54:15 (UTC)

i am scolded bolded nothing if..

i am scolded bolded
nothing if i dont give
shred it in my face
i may be scared...i have my reasons
and ive been stolen since then
im nothing to anything
share it and i bear it
red light murder and his yearning
i have my reasons..
if it doesnt matter then why do i cry in the shadows of my
ive been trying to sew the holes sew the holes
i still have feelings
it was always all about you spitting in my face and
expecting warmth in reside
ive been trying to breathe for two
it hurts and its still scabbing
slaughter my words
cover my mouth and push and push untill
i cant bleed

i just need to stop stop stop stop wrong wrong leave me
alone yank me out of my body and beat me untill im right
the ideal mold of bueaty sewed up mouth and stupid blank
fucking eyes says whatever you want to hear and bleeds in
the corner with jesus and Weakness...yeah wish yeah
wish...but ill thrash because im ugly and thrash
until ..untill im sent to the pound..and ill bite and
scratch the next leash the next cage untill the injections
sleep in my veigns...remember that about me. and if you
understand then hold me close and let my face
still hurts..untill the sun melts still hurts and
only you can touch this needle to veign sleeping me
sickness im not okay...i cant bear the insanity and hold
my flaw to proove a passing of disease...ive been
sharpened to the pain and im sorry sometimes i cant
control it why do i always have to be sorry for just tired of being sorry...sooo fuck every
thing. drain the moon light from the sky. just love me
and except my fear instead of poking it.