insane inside 2
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2003-03-19 02:42:51 (UTC)

self mutalation...

all my pain is traped with in my body....trying to find a
way when i cut myself & as i watch the bloode
dripping from my slashed veins...i can feel a diffrent pain
taking over my body insted of the emotional depression that
runs threw my broken heart like the poisions bloode thats
sent to my wasted mind.....
to open my eyes & see the same world and the same life with
the same problems...makes me wana break down & cry just
knowing the fact that life is a big joke...and there is no
reason to live this pain will never go away ..& that is why
i cut for my internal pain to go away n be followed by
nothin but the feel of my fleash being riped apart by the
razor shard blade the glides across my wrist with drops og
dark red blood drip on to the floor...& now i just begane
to notyic that im going to die.....

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