forever changing
2003-03-19 01:41:05 (UTC)


well hmmm where to start???? i guess i will just start
where ever i do. i was talking to david yesterday and we
were giving eachother some of our poetry and i discovered
he read all of it and at firrst i was a little freaked just
because i didn't think he would but now i just think it's
weird because he knows stuff that i have not told some of
the closest people to me and it's just weird.
well the other thing i wanted to talk about is goin to take
a lil while to type and well i have to go to water polo in
a little bit and i have to go eat dinner right now so i
think i will type that tommarrow night, maybe by then i
will have figured out a little more about it, i dunno i
doubt it.