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2003-03-19 00:36:38 (UTC)


i dont know what to do now. i thought i had things finally
worked out with her. so mush chit has happened since i was
on here last. i dont remember if i said it or not but she
left me. bitch bitch bitch i hate her i hate her i hate
her. i hate him too. darrell, the one who she fucked. he is
trying to make me upset again and make her mad at me so she
will go running back to him. she says she doesnt want to be
serious about things, she doesnt want a serious
relationship. well, she shouldnt have fucked darrell, she
shouldnt have fucked hector, and she shouldnt as hall have
fucked me, is she doesnt want to be involved in a serious
relationship. she says she doesnt want to be with me
because she isnt bi, never really was. she only thought she
was because of a recurring dream in which a woman angel
came to her and had sex with her. and she wants to blame
what we did on me and on jamie, when she knows damn well
that i was the one who was afraid, and she was the one who
came to me in the night, asking for a kiss and then
touching me where i am vunerable. she who said she was
having sexual feelings towards me, while i was perfectly
content to go on just holding hands. she says jamie told
her she should make love to me. so what, if jamie tells her
she should jump off a bridge, is she going to do it? and i
hate darrell because i had all this shit settled between me
and her, i had said all that i needed to say and had heard
all i needed to hear. i had it settled, and i was happy,
and that very afternoon he has to start saying things and
pissing me off. how he could easily picture her walking
down the aisle in a wedding dress. ashole! stupid bastard!
at this moment i would like to break both their noses. i am
so god damn mad and hurt and confused and just plain pissed

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