Nowhere man please listen. . . .
2003-03-18 23:18:40 (UTC)

March 18, 2003

Well, haven't writtin anythng since Valentines day.

It made me realize that since EVERYBODY can read this,
theres actually a lot i cant write about. I tell a lot
but theres so much shit that has happened since valentines

So anyways lemme catch u up a little...I'm getting my
class ring tommorow, i think i'm kinda excited. Pretty
cool, eh? And as far as my parents are concerned i didn't
get any warnings home from school. :) I'm a good
student. (lol) Robbie came home with last friday n met my
fam. Oh boy. But it was all good, he still talks to me
so i guess we're still friends.

Oh yea. And i got invited to the prom.

It was really weird. I almost hate getting dressed up,
and so i never went to my semi formal freshman year, and i
have no intentions on going to my semi THIS year. But
here i am, goin to the friggin prom. The most formal
thing i've been to since my uncle michaels wedding in 4th
grade. Yup, that was the last time i've ever worn a

Now i'm not totally against getting dressed up, i've
worn skirts and that sort before. It's just that i'm no
good at gettin dressed up n lookin fabolous. I'm really
sucky at it, but i'm lucky cuz i'm goin to have my
hairdresser of eight years do my hair, and my mom do my
makeup, shes really good at it, she use to work with all
that hair n makeup n shit. It will be okay i guess. i
didnt really wanna go, n i dunno if i still wanna go, but
me n anna were trying on dresses this weekend, and i
couldnt believe myself in a dress. it was so weird.

Guess what? we're officially going to war. I think
that was a bad desicion. I dont wanna go to war, i'm so
anti- war. i dont think war solves or proves anything
except ohh we can kill more people than you or watever.
When we talk about war in school i stay out of the
discussion fer the most part. I dont like the war, and i
hate trying to explain to people. The thing i noticed was
that the people who are in f avor of the war know what
they're talking about. They always seem to be the
superior side and there are always more people who want
war than people who dont want war. It always seems like
people who dont have strong reasons, well they have strong
reasons, but i dunno they get veiwed at like they dont
know what theyre talking about. And sometimes i sorta see
that. I understand what theyre trying to say but they
never sound as good when some of theese people try to
explain why not to go to war. And i dont wanna sound like
that. I wanna sound like i know what i'm talking about.

I just think that being anti-war is difficult to explain.