if you see jordan
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2003-03-18 22:16:07 (UTC)


well so much has happened that i havent filled you in
on..we'll start on the first and BEST thing thats happened
and that would be iggy

iggy is
hes a soph at malvern, plays lacrosse(so do i), writes(so
do i), draws(so do i!), and we like basically the same
movies....our music clashes a bit but who cares?!?!?!

okay well at first i thought that i just wouldnt go to soph
hop because i didnt have date..and i really didnt want to
go. and as its said--good things happen when you least
exspect them. as you know..the guy that i liked
before..whose name i can now tell you---zack---so if you're
zack--sucks for you!!!!!!!!--well hes now history

we were at school and mary was like i think i got you a
soph date...i was like cool..not thinking that it would
actually work out. she told me later that day that he
didnt really want to go and that i should go with some
one "hotter"(HA) and basically saying NOOOOOO in a nice
way. but then i sent him a picture of me from the
valentines day dance--and it was an okay picture--and after
he saw the pic he said wow shes pretty--i'll go--or thats
what mary said. haha...okay so i've been talking to him for
the last couple days..and hes absolutely the nicest and
cutest. so now i'mm going to the soph hop i've got the
best date--hopefully--o eah i didnt mention that i never
met him--lol--and i got the dress.

i'm supposed to go to his lacrosse game on friday and
hopefully it'll be cancelled and we can do something i know its mean..but even if it isnt i want to
meet him. i'm soooo nervous...hes so nice..but what if he
like hates me..ahhh i'm so nervous. hes gonna be like ew
look at her...ahh. well hopefully everything will work

okay well i'm tired and have a headache and i'm STILL at
school): so i'll tell ya the latest later
i'm out

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