The crazy world of me
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2003-03-18 21:21:27 (UTC)

What is up people? So things..

What is up people? So things are going okay for the
moment. The thing that kind of pisses me off is that
supposenly I have been going around telling people shit and
I haven't. So I am just going to stop talking to people
because obviously I can't tell anyone anything. Thats the
only thing that is bothering me right now. I just don't understand
what it is that I am going around telling people and I am not getting
any info back so who knows. That pisses me off because I talk to
nobody about Ricky at least not anymore because nobody cares about
him and I because it is played out. The only think that I might talk
to him about and that is Lakin and Joni and thats because they are
like my best friends but I am not telling them anything that he said
not to tell anyone. Anyway though. I wish I could just get over
that kid and be friends with him or whatever because I am tired of
dealing with it. I have put up with shit for to long when I souldn't
If I would have some balls this whole thing could of been over a
long time ago and I wouldn't be feeling like this anymore. I should
of never screwed him that was my first mistake bu I would screw him
tomorrow if he asked jus because I have my needs too. I blame all of
this on myself and really I shouldn' because it takes two. But when
I say stuff he makes me feel like maybe it is all my fault. Anyway.
I am going to go because my keyboard is being jacked up. Bye