random scribbles
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2003-03-18 19:21:43 (UTC)

in the march of the winter

ever hear a song, and it was like the words were so true,
you felt they were written for you?

ever watch a film and it depicted the life you were
striving so hard to convince everyone that you didn't lead?

ever smile at your friends and see uncertainty in their

ever break a promise to yourself?

apologies end. i hope everyone looked out the window this
evening. there was the most beautiful sunset... the sky
the palest blue and it looked as though someone had come
along and thrown streaks of pink paint across that

and there was hope in me that i could take you there.

it reminded me of a time laying on the sofa watching old
episodes of buffy with the boy i love eating frusli bars
and drinking milk.

jacob came home today. he stopped by for a few minutes
before going out to the pub with dom and al. didn't get
chance to talk much but it was good anyway.

"forget cross country. i'm gonna be pissed off if you're
not a cheerleader."

he told me i was brave to take such a huge step. today iz
asked me if i'd made the right choice. have i? i certainly
am not one to be able to answer that question.