Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
Ad 2:
2003-03-18 14:53:08 (UTC)

You Know I'm Happy

The Organics advert is back! That one! The cutest girl in
the world (Yes, you are if you're reading it. Really you
are) with the sun shining off her with the smile on her
face, with the slight impinging factor that its an advert
for shampoo, but overall, remains truly amazing.

So, yes, I've never been 'advert-relatedly-happier' than I
am today. And I got to sit in the sun for a while, doing
nothing. But on the minus side, someone's destroyed the
car in front of my window still further, so I can't open
my curtains without despairing of humanity.

No. I don't need to address the Iraq thing. If people want
to make it their business then they can.