Cosmic Rain
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2003-03-18 12:20:18 (UTC)

strange stuff

Woah, dreams are weird. Specially ones caused by a
heyfevered periactin state. Let's just simplify it by
saying there were trains...Bloated dying people and I mean
BLOATED with spaghetti filled mouths(I have no idea *ick*)
Lifesaving..Crocodiles..Coca Cola for washing the air?(it
was supposed to make it healthy and shiny...And that is
HAIR, not air..I need more air in my hair, but no more in
my brain. I think it has too much right
now...Family...Cars...and I know there was other weird
crap. I think it would explain my half zombied state for
today. Maybe I'm just weird. Ok, I'm just weird and I can't
blame heyfever or drugs for my dreams. But I'd like to
think for one moment that I can.

Jac dropped in. We have this grand idea of making someone
happy for 3.7seconds as we put it. But who knows. Not us. I
was really too zombied to write and it was hot. Which I
guess was the best time to write it because meant I didn't
have to think. When you are aware, you're concious that you
have to think. When you're not with it you're barely
conscious. And that is I think what I was..barely with it.
But I managed to do something, so that was good.

Mat is a weirdo. A guy was just here. Peter. Now he is gone
and Mat said it was the guy I had to thank for Puffing
Billy. Ummm Mat, I didn't go with you to Puffing Billy.
Then it clicked in that he went with his Dad. Glad to see
his brain is in as good working order as

Yes, that person with lovely beautiful eyes is strange.