Lost and Searching
2003-03-18 05:37:23 (UTC)

Dearest jake

I miss you so you every feel the same....there
are times at night before i fall into the deep sleep that i
think i hear my cell phone ring, and i always think that
its you calling me to talk, just like before....but as soon
as i pick up my phone i know its not haven't
talked to me since i told you the truth and ran away...why
didn't you follow me jake....
i thought we were better friends than that...what
happened.....please don't think that i would of done
anything to hurt you but what you did hurt me...i don't
know how to make amends....lately you have been in my
dreams keeping me awake....just as i walk up to you to talk
to you you dissappear, i can't hurt you no more jake, the
only thing i can do is help you to understand if you let
me...please give me a me to get through the
rough times and enjoy the good times with me, just like it
used to be....

please talk to me soon, jake,
before its too late