No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-03-18 04:35:51 (UTC)

omg i need sleep! ive been..

omg i need sleep! ive been working on this STUPID FUCKING
zoology scrapbook for the past TWO FUCKING HOURS! who cares
if i fail? grr. fuck it. im tired, hungry and i have
cramps. this was not a good day!
...finally ordered dres tux...yay thats $105 outta my
...wubbles has the same problems as me. at least its a
comforting thing to know im not the only one. i hope she
gets everything working out for her soon.
...talked to laura online. havent talked to 'my phcc-buddy'
in a while. lol. yep. we're cool. we're staying here for 2
more years! thats the smart way...even if i do feel sorry
for myself that im not yet close to getting outta this
hell. at least ill have a friend here tho! :)
grr. bed. bye.

sorry...i hit enter like a million pc was going
slow and im impatient.

-kerri (