chevs life
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2003-03-18 03:52:14 (UTC)

What's new in Chev's life....

Well, it seems that I have found a new teacher to write
all my hate for. Mr. Morin really isn't bugging me as much
anymore so I don't have much to say about him. I mean,
he's even like going out of his way to be nice to me!

Now this new teacher, well, we'll just call her Hitler
reincarnate. The first day she came to replace our
pregnant teacher, she went spazztic on us. We didn't even
have time to do anything wrong. I guess she was just
trying to lay down the law before we could piss her off
but man, is she ever scary!

On top of her all her drill sergeant behaviour, she's
creepy at the same time. She comes around to my table like
every five minutes asking us if we understand the book and
junk like that. Ick ick ick!!! Perhaps to you it doesn't
seem scray, but to me it seems like death is near. You
really have to see it to understand what I mean!

But anyway, what else is new you ask? (or don't ask) Well
I just did my ballet exam on Saturday which sucked. I did
terrible and I'm not even saying that to be humble. I
honestly did do bad. I pretty much blanked out completely
so it caused me to make alot of mistakes. On top of all
that I'm apparantly allergic to gel so everywhere my hair
has touched is all red and itch :( *sniff* It's so

Ummm... badminton season started. But I might quit cuz it
like sucks. He probably won't put me into any tournaments
or any of that junk so phffffffffffff. I dunno :S

Other than that, nothing else is new... still the same old!

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