REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-03-18 03:17:44 (UTC)


Why do people say i talk crap about them when i dont! it
pisses me off..people gotta learn there facts:

i thought you were my friend...if you dont trust me theres
no frienship involved. Before you go and believe someone
and "trust" them...know both sides of the story. Dont jump
to conclusions. For the person that is telling these
lies...i just want you to know, that all tihs crap will
come back to you. Every lie that someone tells comes back
to that person, and trust me if i find out who you
are...daaamm..its gonna be war sweety. Im not afraid to
admitt to anyone who i hate or w/e. The only person i ever
talked about was patricia and i dont anymore cause i dont
need any more enemys...the reason why i get enemys is
becasue people tht lie get me in trouble for CRAP I DIDNT
EVEN DO!...you really gotta learn how effective lies can
be...and how much trust really counts. So for people that
jump to conclusions becasue they wanna believe on side and
not the other...i just wanna say that without hearing both
sides of the story...your really gonna pay for it. That
person that your believing (the person that is telling the
lie) is gonna hurt you one day...and you know whos
shoulder you wont have? mine...the person that was trying
to be your friend...it all involves trust...its all about
trust...trust is very important..

Dont say stuff about me or believe that i said something
about someone cause its probobly not true..i hardly ever
talk crap about someone unless it really gets to that
point..and thats pretty much really rare..