like crap down the toilet, these r tha d
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2003-03-18 03:03:57 (UTC)

oh well no one reads this shit anyway

I desperately need to scream as loud as i can
up at the sky and demand to it why
with the tears flooding out the corners of my eyes
wondering why only 16 years in this shit i already wanna die

Yet i am silent and mute
going back in this loop
i just need to recoup, find the light at the end
and find my way out of this mess
buried deep in my mind
each day that goes by i'm alive less and less

I know i do it to myself
that's why i could never tell
things are getting worse
but im hoping i'll get well?!?

I think i figured it out tho
the way my life goes, see i load on the makeup, so people
think im a ho
but my soul is really just thin
can't let people see whats within
so i spend time on looks
praying no one will notice
gotta decorate myself like a fucking christmas tree
before i go out and roam
with all kinds of jewelery,
or else i'd never leave my home.

Now I don't know what it is,
but all i see is bad
i really wish shit was different
i kinda wish i knew my dad
I dont know much
blinded in this world of vision
better days will come or atleast im wishing

i wish i could love the whole world
in perfect harmony
and it would love me
and just let me be
but thats not how it is.
i miss you troy, R.I.P.

(^ doesnt rhyme, shitty as hell, deal with it)