Welcome to own demise
2003-03-18 02:58:27 (UTC)

life goes by so damn quickly


so yea as predicted my bday weekend sucked. i dont want to
get into that just yet....

so i did end up going to the show, w/o annie. fuck her. i
called her house and talked to sammy he told her i was on
the phone picked it up then hung up. so whatever. i went
with sarah. i had so much fun. i went and got a new pair
of jeans at the gap b4 the show. size 4. ow ow. im gettin
there. too bad the gap runs big so i prolly dont wear that
size. anyways oh well. the show was so much fun. i saw
some kids from my school, and one of them had given me
soooo much shit when i had told him mad caddies is my
favorite band a few months back and there he was at their
show. so ya know what... fuck him too. hes ugly any damn
way. i did get to see the caddies play. it was so much fun
my goodness. i have bruises all over my arms and whatnot
form stupid sweaty boys who cant skank right elbowin me
all over. one kis elbowed me in the tit and i punched him
in the back of the head. but since he was like 8 feet
tall, he didnt een see me so he thought it was the kid
next to me. ha! so i went upstairs to change my shirt bc
mine got ripped and as i walked out the bathroom who did i
see.........chuck from mad caddies. ahh! i walked over and
stood next to him. talk to him for like a second got my
pic takenw ith him, autograph, he wished me ahappy
birthday gave me a kiss on the cheek i could not stop
smiling i felt like such a dork. i went to say bye and i
leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, blah slutty ass
flirty me right? ha. dude i wish i could talk to him and
be cool with him. im awesome man. lol. anyways. i got
home abnd albert called me. it eas the perfect ending to a
aperfect day.

the week progressed nothing new really happened.
penis face had a party on friday. i feel kinda bad callin
him penis face now bc hes a pretty nice guy nowadays.

anyhow i went to the party with dave and tiffany. a lot of
the same people from the oher parties showed up... and a
lot more new ppl.

i found out that the kid who i was tlakin to at howards
party, this kid john, yea ive known him for a while. he
was friends with joe and ppl back when. john..meltzer.or
however its spelled. he's cute. oh well anyways, um... i
didnt really have that great of a time that night. dave
and i got into it and he gave me a bruise on my arm, i
talked to albert and he told me i should go home. that was
1:15. i didnt get home til....damn near 5:40.i took a cab
home. i havent talked to dave since. he claled me last
night but i was at dinner with my dad and he left me a
voicemail sauyin happy bday. im kinda hungry....... eh

anyways my saturday sucked ass.. i was supposed to go into
the city to see 2 of my girls ihaent seemnsicne the summer
time.... buti couldnt get a ride bc my dad decided meeting
some chick off the net was more important than driving me
to my friends house like he had said he would. so i ended
up home alone crying. i called people up to invite thejm
over... this girl from school came by shes so nice and
then rebecca called me tellinme she got kicked out of her
bfs hosue so she wanted to come over....basically lookin
for a place to sleep so yea lucia never says no so...
we spent a lot of money buying junk food then yea big fun.

my actual bday was ok the weather has been fucking great.
my dad almost succeeded in ruiing my bday but a really
sweet phone call was enough to make me disregard my dads

i went tanning today imma have to stop using the face part
and scoot all the way down im so fucking short my chest
isnt tanning bc its under the face tanner lol my stmach
and legs r gettin some color tho its nice blah the count
down is winding down....... one more week........ i need
top lost about 5 or 10 more lbs b4 then
starting tomorrow........water fast..... hell yea.... im
goin tannin agian tomorrow.......and every other day til i
imma try to atleast.... this comig weeekend i wanna hang
out with kathryn adn stephanie i miss them.. :( i need to
get my nails done..... need to go shoppin too....... blah
im tired as hell imma go lay down and wait for my phone to
ring.... lates/