No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-03-18 02:55:01 (UTC)


"at jail it was getting late he was butt-raped by a large
inmate and he screamed but the gaurds paid no attention to
his cries! thats when things got out of control the moral
of the date rape story it does not pay to be drunk and
horny but thats the way it had to be they locked him up and
threw away the key well i cant take pity on men of his kind
even tho he now takes it in the behind! date rape!"
LOL LOL...great song. lol. im actually doing my yoga and
crunches for the first time in like a million years! yay!
and listening to Sublime's greatest hits! lol. i really
should be doing my homework but this is much better for me
right now...i need to distance myself from all this least for a few minutes! well gtg...wasting too
much time.
Love, MEEEEE! :)