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Me and My Life
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2003-03-18 01:20:44 (UTC)

What a day

today I was so hyper. I dont think I have been in this good
of a mood in the longest time! I got an 80 on my math test
(o so proud) We have a student teecher for English. This
guy moves around the room so much, I seriously want to duck-
tape him to the wall. lol Oh by the way HAPPY ST. PATTY'S
DAY!! yeah well there. I love how people can say things and
not know how hurt full they really are and then act like
everything is ok. When I talked to Nina today, Lynsay told
her i said that Saturday I said I was going to beat her up.
People must think that I dont know anything because if I
wanted to beat you up there would be no threat, there would
jsut be action and then you on the ground. lol I was
babysitting today and Travis was walking down the road and
Emily goes hey you dork come up here. Travis turned and
smiled. Emily then say Shelly I like that boy! Like ten
minutes later Emily goes, Shelly so take me to see my
boyfreind Travis. It was so wickedly cute but I duno.
Travis is into them youngens. lol Me and Suzanna went for a
walk today and my body is killing me. grrrr If I only knew
why. :) Im wickedly looking forward to Wensday, I wana go
roller skating in one of those old roller skating rinks.
That will be really nifty. yeah its been a week since I
have last heard from my boyfriend. its quite sad, it really
is. well anyways I have other stuff to do so later!

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