No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-03-18 01:01:35 (UTC)

Optimistic? Not this time...

Not too sure anymore...I need to talk to my mom tonight and
hope that maybe I can slowly work on things with Terry, I
promise you, I will NOT make it through Spring Break
without him...sure...I might be "too attached" But he's
what makes me happy. He's what motivates me to do my best.
He's what I look forward to seeing each day, and the reason
I get out of bed each morning. My little sister pissed my
mom off earlier, and my mom said I may never be able to see
Terry again...which I wont allow. She said last week that
in a week, if we talk, maybe we can work on things.
Anything would be good right now...I just wanna see him.
I'm sick of dreading going home, sick of dreading crying
myself to sleep, sick of waking up all stuffy, sick of
doing nothing, sick of being upset. I only look forward to
3 mintues between classes...that's sad. At 12:30 on
Friday's, I already wish it was Monday. I dread the
weekends, and dread the house. I am going to go find an
article for my homework, and then I'll talk to my mom and
hopefully update (if I have time). Cross your fingers for
I love you Terry, I'm gunna try.