2003-03-18 00:53:14 (UTC)

this bites

man i haven't spoken to my baby for three days almost four
now and i'm missing him like crazy. man all i think about
is him now. no matter what i do i end up thinking about
damian in some way. it used to be with just music but now
its with everything, i could be at work and just look at
my shoes and wonder if he would like them or how i'm
wearing my hair. i could be playing basketball and wonder
if my baby would be up for a game of one-on-one. sometimes
even when i'm coaching the track team and running with
them i will start to think would my baby run with me like
this and would he ever like to help me out coaching. ok so
about everything i finally drew the perfect design for a
dress, no one should even waste their breath asking me to
wear a dress other than this one cuz it will not happen,
i've got my heart set on this dress and if anything
happens i would be crushed. i also know what my hair will
look like. man it will look so gorgeous, i wanna look so
good that when damian sees me walking up the isle he would
be blown away by my beauty. someone from the track team i
coach asked me how did i know that damian was the one i
want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. i knew
the answer to that, i told them that 'u just know, i know
that i couldn't live my life without him and that he was
everything i ever prayed for in a guy. the sweetness, the
big heart, the athelticness, the way we're so much alike,
the way he has the ability to teach me some new things and
vice versa. he is what i've always looked for in a guy and
now i found it and his good looks r just a plus'. they
laughed and thought it was a good answer but i dunno, i
don't feel like i explained it enough. no one knows how
much damian means to me except maybe damian himself but i
don't think he even knows the full extent of it. well
anyway my past few days have been good i guess, except i
did something i really shouldn't have today and i'm really
regretting it. i don't know what was going through my mind
when i did it but it was extremely stupid and i'm feeling
kinda guilty about it. if any of u r thinking i did
something that would hurt my baby ur wrong cuz i would
never so what i'm talking about isn't cheating on my
damian cuz i would never. well i gotta get going, i'm
gonna start on my dress. Song for the entry, "Picture"-Kid
Rock and Sheryl Crow. until next time....the pinkster