My world.. take a peek
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2003-03-18 00:11:57 (UTC)


Yeah, yeah I know.. I am a lazy bum and I havent filled you
guys in for a long time. I'll have you know that I have
been very studious lately. I had this Literary critique due
last week.. so That was racking my brains..specially since
I waited til the last minute :) I had to pick a hard
author to critique: Charlotte Bronte. I am a very good
writer in thought.. but when it comes to actually arranging
my thoughts into a good paper.. I suck. Well, this last
weekend I went to Mrs. Western Branch with Greg. I sat with
Kris and Moxie.. I must say that Kris is the awesomest guy
ever- he is so entertaining- everyone should have their own
kris king to relieve boredom. Well the pageant was really
awesome.. better than people would think. Constant laughs,
good talent, and all around goodtimes. Afterward I came
home and played Chess with Greg.. Saturday I went to my
Aunts house to visit with my cousins. We all ate a great
dinner and sat around talking. I hate always being the
youngest in company.. but It has advantages.. my family
finds me very mature. Well, I am really mature.. depends on
who Im with and what Im doing. After dessert we all played
OUtburst. I love having family interaction. To those who
have a close family you might take it for granted... but
people like me think its really valuable.Sunday I went to
church as usual- came home and spent time with Greg playing
tekken and watching a super lame movie .. I wished I could
have watched Donnie Darko.. stupid that my G-ma had to be
in the room.. instead we watched Flowers in the Attic.went
to church again.
TODAY! well.. School was ok, I got alot of good news..
classes were cut short, we get out friday ALL day,I got to
dissect a sheep eye in Lab(again), and I skipped math class.
On my way home from school I rode with one of my friend's,
Jeremy Brown,Dad.. now this christian school teacher is
unlike any other. Mr. Brown is a kid trapped in an adult
body- barrels of laughs, and loads of fun! He had a
bajillion smiley face bouncy balls in his backseat. Melissa
and I sat in the back and Joel,his son, sat in the front.
We saw one of the Juniors, Drew Rogers, behind us in his
car.Drew had had his windows rolled drew isnt
exactly hated or disliked.. hes just obnoxious.. you cant
help but love him. . but sometimes he can annoy you (get
what Im saying?)Well I got this brilliant idea from a story
joel and Mr. Brown just told me about throwing bouncy balls
out the window..So I rolled down the back window and
started firing towards Drew's open window.. He sped up- I
told Mr. Brown to floor it! We were coming up alongside
Drew as he frantically tried to control the wheel and roll
up his window. Bouncy ball after bouncy ball went crashing
toward his jalopy. Everyone in our car was laughing
hysterically at Drew, and the fact that we knew other
people were asking themselves, "What the hell are those
people doing?". Well.. we finally went seperate ways.. but
it was alot of fun. On the way to my house JOel,Mr. Brown,
and I exchanged practical joke stories. And I got home and
Played Tekken- Successful week dont you think? HEY I RHYMED-