my so called life
2003-03-17 23:39:29 (UTC)

Wake to confusion

Lying in my bed alone
and whispering your name,
Wonder where you are tonight
and do you feel the same,
letting my thoughts fly to where
you might be,
Sharing the secret that took you from me..

Heart is beating faster with
the memory of your touch
Try to ease this loneliness
I'm missing you so much
I'm with you when sleep comes
I find you in dreams
But wake to confusion
It's not as it seems

Had a wonderful chat with Ben today.. Talking to him is
always good, but today.. I don't know, I felt so close to
him. I miss him so much.
had a good day today. Went to uni, I had two lectures, then
Kirstie and I went to the gym. We've started working out
three times a wekk and I love it. Afterwards we went back
to uni to have two more lectures and then I went home. Had
a lot of energy, and I cleaned my room and the kitchen..
Like really cleaned it.. so now it's nice and clean :)

Went out this Saturday.. It was a lot of fun and I was kind
of drunk.. Stayed in bed pretty much the entire day
yesterday ;)

I'm off to bed now.. sleep tight 8)