Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-03-17 23:30:17 (UTC)

Something I'm Keen To Test Out. And Will

I want to know if there is any relationship between the
main characters in a comedy show (a sit-com, rather than a
sketch show) and the length of time the series remains
good. Its subjective, obviously, to a certain extent, but
I'd like to think that I could remain objective enough to
get a relatively fair assessment. And also, things such as
whether or not a series is still going will weigh upon the
survey too. I propose a graph, a quite un-definitive
graph. Whether or not it will prove anything remains to be

I'm off to do that now actually while I've got a working
(smallest mouse in the world) mouse, and my eyes are
watering from shallots.

WILT? Alfie - Don't Be Blue, which is where the title for
this afternoon's came from. I was...singing along, I guess