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2003-03-17 23:02:48 (UTC)

To becca

Hey becca if you end up reading this entry i'm writing this
to you. even though i dont think ic ould ever even immagine
what u go through with ur dad, i feel like i can totally
understand how u act with all of this. I will never have
the relationship u have with ur dad, you know that ive
never been that close with him, but just like you i
remember being young and ont understaning the seveirnessof
anything in the world. I remember thinking my dad was the
strongest man in the world, untill he went to the hospital.
I think were so close becuase we have some understanding of
each other, both of oure dads are sick...both of oure
fathers are.....not well, but theres a diference in there
illness. youre dad, cannot controll how sick he is, it's
not his fault at all wich can be the scarriest thing
because he did nothing in the world to deserve it. my dad
on the other hand can controll how sick he is, but he
chooses not too, i thought after he had his 1st heart
attack that you know...he would maybe understand and try to
stop it from happneing again, but he did'nt. he had another
heart attack, and it really was the scarriest thing in the
world seeing him in the hospital so sick and unhappy.Evory
day i have to worry wether he's gonna be alright becuase
the nexet heart attack he has hemight not live through. so
i guess somehow, even though it's a compleatly different
situation, i feel that i can totally understnad you mostof
the time. i just see where ur going with things and i get
it, which is why i think were so close now. maybe i dont
understnad all the shit youre going through, and i prob
dont.....but i jus sort of feel weve got some understanding
of each other wich is cool. so i guess thats all ive got to
say right now...i'm venting just like you and dont it feel
good??? lol well i'm out.
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