random scribbles
2003-03-17 21:48:59 (UTC)

the bane of my life :(

[music - the sweet sound of silence - mood - tired and fed

//no school today//

instead, damn history lectures all day. and all night i've
been working on history. and tomorrow morning i've gotta
get up early for more... you guessed it... history.

i'm so fed up with school i can hardly take it. it's not
the idea of school that bothers me - i wouldnt be going
back next year otherwise right? its just the work, which is
totally unimaginative and uninventive, thankyou english
government, and also the people. ok some of them rule and i
couldnt live without them in my life.

but others... like... aargh anna a was being such an idiot
today about michael. he said he missed me yesterday and
asked me to call him so "he just wants to screw you" then
she's all like "ohh, michael's the kind of guy who gets
bored of people really quickly." it may be true, i dont
really care either way, but she doesnt even know him! that
girl is so full of shit!

then alana - well apparently at school today she was going
on about how "matron didn't have the stuff she needed, she
had to get the number off elly, oh g will go with her" but
not actually saying what she was talking about. though
those 3 sentences tend to suggest that she had unprotected
sex with g on the weekend. they only started going out on
saturday... i'm no prude or anything... but considering
shes spent the last week crying over ben it just seems a
bit fast.

when you're getting sick of the people who are meant to be
your friends, it's time to make a few changes.

even worse... this weekend punkanna's staying at the flat
all weekend... she invited me to go along but i dont really
want to if its just her and edd cause i feel like the 3rd
wheel or whatever the saying is. even though they dont act
that way at all. i cant help it, you know? still maybe i
can persuade harry to come and then the 4 of us can have a
nice quiet night in...

aaargh anyway i am just wasting time here trying to avoid
work so enough is enough. back to an analysis of tsarist
and communist russia. wuhoooooo.